Pure PTFE O-ring

PTFE is a popular O-Ring material which is White in color. The PTFE O-Rings are popular for use in applications which require a chemically resistant and non-compressible material. 
Our PTFE O-Ring
1.AS568 US standard and other sizes
2.OEM Services are available
There are several different standards to choose from when it comes to O-ring dimensions. The most popular in the United States is the AS568 standard for O-ring sizes and tolerances. Maintained by the Society of Automotive Engineers, this standard allows the user to choose from five different cross-sections with inside diameters ranging from 1/32″ to 26″. 
All Seals also offers a wide array of metric sizes, in both standard and non-standard dimensions. All Seals can provide custom O-rings, specially made to your demanding requirements.

As a professional China Pure PTFE O-ring Suppliers and Pure PTFE O-ring Manufacturers,we are able to offer ample experience in various fields,which benefit all our partners.