• PTFE Skived Film

    PTFE resin is first moulded into billet and then skived. The PTFE resin skived tape are highly dielectric,chemical resistant and not age. They have a wide range of operation temperature.

  • PTFE Micro Porous Membrane

    PTFE membrane is different from the normal membrane in the market ,which is made by the technology of two-direction strectching and then attached with other material . Our membrane is made by a special technology that is doesn’t need to be attached with other materials. It total brings the excellent performance of PTFE into play. The membrane is smooth, not adhesive, and wearable. It is anti impact,anti corrosive,anti high temperature and anti aging. It is also waterproof,easy to clean and has an excellent stability under chemical environment. The membrane is widely used in chemical and medical industries, environmental protection,sewage process,trash burn,electric power,electron and other fields.