• PTFE Diaphragm

    PTFE diaphragm is manufactured by PTFE suspension resin with high strength and tenacity.Different specification can be made by methods of moulding,skiving and finalizing the design. It can also be adhered to rubber and metal with one side etched .

  • PTFE Beaker

    PTFE beaker widely used in the range of medicine chemical ,education,ect. It is not easy to be broken,It can be normally used under the temperature from-150℃ to + 260℃。 Also can be made according to customer’s request .

  • PTFE Coupling

    PTFE coupling is made by special machining method. It is used in vavious soft joint of the mouth of metal tube, glass tube.as a sealing material,it has the function of abirritation, resistant from chemical corrosion and high temperation.

  • PTFE Ball

    PTFE ball has reduced maintainance costs and man hours in the field by eliminating the replacement of valve components subjected to corrosive environments. In the fluid handling industry PTFE balls are used in ball valves that have contact with extremely corrosive liquids.

  • PTFE Special Machined Parts

    PTFE machining parts ,which made from high quality PTFE resin ,are finish machined by methods of moulding,skiving and lethe.