PTFE sheet is manufactured by molding method or skived from PTFE billet that made from PTFE granular resin. PTFE is the most chemical resistance plastic of all known plastics. It does not age.it has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials and a wide range of practicable temperature from -180℃ to +260℃。 Application: Lining bearing pads,seals,and electrical insulation.


    There are two kinds of PTFE rods . One is manufactured by paste extruding method in diameter from 4mm to 9mm and the other is made by ram extruding method in the diameter from 10mm to 150mm;rods over diameter 150mm are manufactured by moulding. PTFE is the most chemical-resistant plastic of all known plastics.it does not age. PTFE has a wide range of practicable temperature from-180℃ to+260 ℃and a wax-like surface to which anything hardly sticks. PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of all know solid materials. It has the best electrical properties of all plastics. Application: Electrical insulation ,seal,antisticking material.


    PTFE tubing is manufactured by ram extruding method wiht PTFE granular resin. PTFE is the most chemical-resistant plastic of all known plastics. It has the best electrical properties of plastics.

  • PTFE Packing

    PTFE packing are made of different fibers according to different applications. There are packings made of carbon fiber,PTFE fiber,aramid fiber,glass fiber and Mixed fiber of aramid and carbon fiber.It offers better lubrication,corrosive resistance,low abrasioin and easy to inlay and dismount and it is widely used for pump and valves .

  • PTFE O-ring

    PTFE O-ring adopts special rubber resisting high temperature, Fluoro-plastic and special engineering to compound this sealing product. It not only has low contraction permanent set functions of rubber O-ring,but also resist heat,cold,oil,friction,chemical corrosion and other performance. It can be used in all kind of dynamical seal and static seal widely, meanwhile can replace all traditional rubber and plastic O-ring.

  • PTFE Gasket

    PTFE gasket is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin. Compare with other plastic,PTFE has a superior properties against chemicals and temperature . Because of such excellent properties,PTFE has a wide application as a sealing material .

  • PTFE Thread Seal Tape

    PTFE thread seal tape is made from pure PTFE .It has an expanded network composed of superfine fibers and joints. The combination of flexbility high longitudinal strength,and easy deformability in the transverse direction,makes it very suitable for packing and thread sealing applications.but it is not suitable for using in certain critical application,for example when contact with high concentration of gaseous oxygen or liquid oxygen involved. Application: PTFE thread seal tape is used for packing and thread sealing. Specifications: Width: 12 to 150mm,(1/2’’,3/4’’,1’’) Length:5 to 50M Thickness:0.075 to 0.2mm According to the clients’ request.

  • PTFE Membrane

    PTFE membrane is different from the normal membrane in the market ,which is made by the technology of two-direction strectching and then attached with other material . Our membrane is made by a special technology that is doesn’t need to be attached with other materials. It total brings the excellent performance of PTFE into play. The membrane is smooth, not adhesive, and wearable. It is anti impact,anti corrosive,anti high temperature and anti aging. It is also waterproof,easy to clean and has an excellent stability under chemical environment. The membrane is widely used in chemical and medical industries, environmental protection,sewage process,trash burn,electric power,electron and other fields.

  • Modified PTFE

    PTFE modified material is made from PTFE suspension resin wiht proper fillers such as glass fiber,glass microsphere,graphite,barium sulfate(BaSO4),carbon fiber ,molybdenum disulfide(MoS4),polyphenyl,argil,etc.in process of molding or skiving. Application : It can be used for mechanical seal,chemical anti-corrosion,chemical process vessel seal, machine tool guide-ways lubrication,bridge construction support slider and various kinds of pipe sealing in high temperature and high corrosive condition.

  • PTFE Machining

    PTFE machining parts ,which made from high quality PTFE resin ,are finish machined by methods of moulding,skiving and lethe.

  • Cannabis Packaging