• Expanded PTFE

    Expanded PTFE sheet is made from PTFE dispersion resin through special process.it has high tensile strength,low creep,high and low temperature resistant,corrosive resistant,no additive ,avirulence,aging resistant and high-performance of anti-leakage. Applications: It is used as sealing material for various kinds of flanges and vessel mouths. It can be used in corrosive and high and low temperature condition in different industries,like chemical industry,food industry,pharmacy industry,semiconductor industry,ship industry,paper industry and medical equipments.

  • PTFE

    PTFE tubing is manufactured by ram extruding method wiht PTFE granular resin. PTFE is the most chemical-resistant plastic of all known plastics. It has the best electrical properties of plastics.


    It is produced by an anionic polymerisation casting process, demonstrates similar characteristics to PA 66 E. Cast products contain significantly lower stress levels combined with high strength, good creep and wear resistance resulting in great dimensional accuracy when machining.