Winding mat

Update:16 Nov 2018

The PTFE spiral wound gasket is a semi-metal flat gaske […]

The PTFE spiral wound gasket is a semi-metal flat gasket made of a V-shaped or W-shaped thin steel strip and a filler PTFE spiral composite. By changing the material combination of the gasket, the chemical corrosion of the gasket by various media can be solved.
The gasket has good compression and resilience, multiple seals and a certain self-tightening function, which can partially eliminate the effects of pressure, temperature change and mechanical vibration. Does not bond the flange surface for easy maintenance and replacement. It can maintain its excellent sealing performance under cyclical changes such as high temperature, low temperature, high vacuum, shock vibration and various harsh conditions. It is suitable for sealing parts with severe temperature and pressure alternating. It is a static sealing element for flange joints such as pipes, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, towers, manholes and hand holes.
By changing the tension of the wound steel strip, the density (hardness) of the wound gasket can be changed to meet the needs of various application parts, and is widely used in petrochemical, mechanical, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medicine, atomic energy and aerospace industries.