Why You Need To Choose PTFE Tubing

Update:06 Nov 2017

Polytetrafluoroethylene is one of the most versatile fl […]

Polytetrafluoroethylene is one of the most versatile fluoropolymers on the market, with a wide range of applications available in many different industries. If you use other types of compounds or materials, you need to look at the benefits of PTFE tubing.

Fluoropolymers such as PTFE are the perfect solution for protecting your jacket in high-temperature environments or simple fluid transport. For example, in the automotive industry, you may need a product that can be used as a fuel hose or wear-resistant cable liner. Aerospace companies may need to use fluoropolymers because of their high-performance, non-leaching capabilities due to their light weight properties. Laboratory and scientific environments using specialized equipment such as NMR and other spectroscopic instruments require the use of fluoropolymer tubing to handle thermally and thermally stable gas and liquid flow processes.

When it comes to the use of environmental industries, fluoropolymers provide high-purity properties that make sample collection more reliable and accurate. In addition, the general and heavy industries can take advantage of the excellent physical durability, UV resistance, chemical inertness and flexibility of fluoropolymers.

In summary, PTFE is the original gold standard for fluoropolymer tubing, offering many advantages in many industries. Let's take a look back at the most important features of PTFE tubing: it can be used as a wire insulator, medical equipment tubing, fluid flow tubing, sheathing, etc. Excellent thermal mass, withstand temperatures up to 680 degrees Fahrenheit, down to -320 Fahrenheit Excellent electrical characteristics with a low dielectric constant of 2.1 between -40 ° F and 480 ° F Static friction coefficient Chemically inert to many organic and inorganic chemicals