Why Liantuo PTFE Sheet is Ideal Applications

Update:22 May 2017

As a non-reactive hydrophobic compound, polytetrafluoro […]

As a non-reactive hydrophobic compound, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a universal gasket material for a wide range of applications in various industries. PTFE sheet is ideal for high temperature and low friction applications. It has a lot of advantages, making it a good choice:

The coefficient of friction is one-third of any known solid material. It has excellent dielectric properties and is suitable for use in printed circuit board materials for microwave frequencies. PTFE sheet is one of the hottest plastic materials that does not show significant decomposition at 260 ° C and retains most of its performance. Its high melting temperature makes it a good choice for low performance polyethylene and high performance alternatives for low melting polyethylene

PTFE sheets are ideal for high temperature and low friction applications. It has many advantages that make it a good choice: its coefficient of friction is the third lowest of any known solid material.

The chemical, electrical, thermal and physical properties of PTFE make it a highly versatile material. Resistant to chemicals, corrosion and periodic wear. Over time, PTFE is relatively maintenance-free, as a gasket material, no additional lubrication required.

Due to its strong elastic properties, it is generally possible to use PTFE sheet gaskets in applications involving very harsh environments or operating conditions and require a high degree of chemical resistance. Chemical processing, pharmaceutical, paper, paper and other industries using PTFE gasket.

Liantuo PTFE gaskets are made of PTFE inorganic filler mixes, both chlorine and caustic, and high purity applications for the food and beverage industry as well as the pharmaceutical and medical industries for the manufacture of blood components. Also through liquid oxygen and BAM certified oxygen service testing and approval. Liantuo PTFE ring gaskets are commonly used in sulfuric acid plants in phosphate refineries.

These physical forces are just a few applications where you can find PTFE and PTFE mixed washers. Their flexibility in chemicals makes the PTFE mixture highly versatile.

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