Why Choose Liantuo PTFE For Sealing

Update:01 Aug 2017

PTFE sealing and sealing solutions for more traditional […]

PTFE sealing and sealing solutions for more traditional sealing markets such as pneumatic and hydraulic as well as aerospace, energy, oil and gas, life sciences and renewable energy.

A seal made of PTFE, in which many other sealing materials can not meet the required temperature range, chemical resistance or friction and wear requirements.

Dr. Roy J. Plunkett of DuPont in Jackson, New Jersey, USA, discovered the accident in 1938 for PTFE. In investigating the gases associated with fluorinated refrigerants, he found that a sample placed overnight in a pressurized storage cylinder had spontaneously polymerized into a white waxy solid. This solid proved to have a unique composition with significant performance. molecular

The structure of the PTFE is based on a chain of linear carbon atoms completely surrounded by fluorine atoms. Fluorocarbon bonds are the strongest of organic compounds.

Thermal stability over a wide temperature range: The high melting point (342 ° C) of PTFE and the morphological characteristics allow the components made of resin to be used continuously at temperatures up to 260 ° C. Above this temperature, the physical properties of the components tend to decrease, leading to thermal aging and material degradation. PTFE is used at low temperatures to seal critical media such as liquid (-196 ° C), liquid hydrogen (-253 ° C) and liquid helium (-269 ° C). PTFE has a unique ability to resist material degradation, thermal aging and physical performance changes during temperature cycling.

Extremely chemically resistant: The internal polymer chain strength of polytetrafluoroethylene eliminates the reaction with most chemicals, making them chemically inert at high temperatures and pressures of almost all industrial chemicals and solvents. It is known that only a few media react with PTFE: alkali metals, fluorine and a small amount of fluorochemicals such as chlorine trifluoride and difluorooxides. PTFE is suitable for contact with food and meets FDA requirements.

It will be apparent that these unique properties give PTFE performance over conventional elastomeric sealing materials from a sealing point of view. Liantuoptfe.com provides high quality PTFE sheet.