What Is A PTFE Gaskets

Update:26 Jun 2017

Leakage is the most common problem in every industry, w […]

Leakage is the most common problem in every industry, whether it is leaking water or chemical substances. It is necessary to react with a chemical leak, especially when you use a hazardous chemical. From a wide range of products, flange hoods and washers are widely used to prevent liquid, oil and gas leakage products. According to the application of the product, the gasket can use various materials in the market. Expanded PTFE gasket are divided into three categories: metal, semi-metal and non-metallic.

PTFE gaskets are ideal for handling hazardous chemicals and are readily available on the market for non-metallic products. PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene with high-end material resistance to chemicals. The use of aerospace, heat exchangers, plumbing, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries and other industries, used to seal the liquid flow in the pipeline or gas gasket. It is non-corrosive and has different shapes and sizes. The product has excellent working ability, with high and low temperature. Its chemical resistance is very popular, there is no possibility of leakage and cross-linking. Its price is also economical and can be used by any manufacturer or industry. PTFE gaskets can be used for a variety of structures, such as rings, envelopes, Reedy and so on.

Heat resistance and chemical resistance: PTFE washers because of its resistance to temperature and chemical resistance is known. It does not paste in essence, does not damage its appearance. The main reason for the failure of the operation is the high temperature and concentration of acid. Specifically in order to effectively resist the PTFE products.

Non-friction: Flange and bolt loads are frictional to the surface of the joint, and the product must be exposed to extreme pressure that may blow out and cause leakage. PTFE products are the best way to prevent leakage and produce friction. The product is the best load bearing products, is a great choice for pipe gasket.

Widely used: PTFE products for a variety of industrial applications, because they are cheap, affordable, safe and reliable, to prevent leakage, high temperature, corrosion resistance and so on. It can handle low temperature and high temperature, bear high load. They are used in chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries. It perfectly seals the liquid and the gas in the pipe.