The sixth FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai international exhibition of pump pipe valve

Update:27 Mar 2017

The last review of the 2016 session of the fifth Shangh […]

The last review of the 2016 session of the fifth Shanghai international pump valve exhibition, the exhibition scale of 40000 square meters, a total of 638 exhibitors at home and abroad, a total of 3 days ushered in the 38276 visitors, including overseas audience of over 3817, the overall number of spectators increased by 57.43% compared to last year, exhibitors satisfaction rate increased greatly. Around the water, design institutes, engineering companies, municipal construction, environmental protection, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial enterprises, terminal distribution agents and other fields of professional audience attended by visiting.

Over the same period the ninth session held in Shanghai International Exhibition AQUATECH CHINA ECOTECH CHINA2016 Shanghai solid waste water, gas and zBUILDEXCHINA2016 exhibition, Shanghai exhibition building water supply and drainage, attracted a total of 71968 spectators, a new record high, the domestic "big green" platform to become an independent school, to provide the most professional exhibition platform for each participating enterprises.

The highlight of this exhibition hall: the expansion of the scale, the pump control valve exhibits section segmentation: simplify and optimize the experience