The problem and solution of PTFE

Update:20 Mar 2017

PTFE is hard stick, there are several main reasons: fir […]

PTFE is hard stick, there are several main reasons: first, low surface energy, the critical surface tension only 31~34 Dyne/cm. Due to surface can low, contact angle big, adhesive cannot full wetting PTFE, to cannot is good stick attached in PTFE Shang; second, Crystal degrees big, chemical stability good, PTFE of dissolved expansion and dissolved are to than non-Crystal polymer difficult, dang adhesive coated in PTFE surface, hard occurred polymer molecular chain into chain domain each other diffusion and tangles, cannot formed strong of stick attached force; third, PTFE structure height symmetric, is belongs to non-polar polymer. Adsorption on the surface of PTFE and adhesive is determined by van der Waals forces (Intermolecular forces) arising out of, the van der Waals force include orientation, induction and dispersion forces. For non-polar polymer surface, does not have the conditions of the formation of orientation and induced forces, only forming weak dispersion forces and poor adhesion properties.
Solve methods:
Sodium-naphthalene complex chemical treatment
High-temperature melting method
Radiation grafting
Low temperature plasma technology
Laser treatment (of the additive manufacturing methods, materials modification, micro-air laser machine activation, copper electroless plating)