The origin of PTFE

Update:20 Mar 2017

PTFE is called "plastics King", father of fluorine resi […]

PTFE is called "plastics King", father of fluorine resin luoyi·pulangkete in 1936, DuPont of the United States began to study alternatives to freon, they collected some PTFE stored in cylinders, get ready for the next day next experiment, but when the next day after opening the cylinder valve, but no gasses, they thought it was a leak, but when the steel cylinder weighing, found the cylinder and no weight loss. They saw a cylinder, found a large amount of white powder, this is Teflon.
Found they had excellent properties of PTFE can be used in bombs, artillery shells and other anti-melt sealing washers, therefore this technology during World War II the United States military has been kept confidential. Until after the end of World War II, declassified, and in 1946 the industrialized production of PTFE.