The manufacturing process of PTFE gasket.

Update:10 Nov 2018

1) Raw material preparation; Ingredients: pure F4 produ […]

1) Raw material preparation; Ingredients: pure F4 products, raw material F4 fine resin, chopped, sieved
2) Mold preparation: wipe with alcohol, no rust in the mold, no attachment
3) Weighing, according to the formula G=PV (where G is the feed amount and P is the preform density (2.18g/cm3)
V is the volume of the product) weighed.
4) Feeding: The F4 resin is evenly distributed over the entire pressed surface.
5) Pre-forming (pressing): Calculate the gauge pressure according to the formula and set the gauge pressure. Suppress
6) Demoulding and trimming: The semi-finished product is taken out from the mold, and the surface is trimmed to make the surface smooth and the edges are neat. Prepare for molding.
7) Sintering: Slowly put the semi-finished product into the sintering furnace, put in the appropriate amount, raise the temperature to about 390 degrees for one hour, and then keep it for one hour. After about molding, it starts to cool down. After about four hours, it reaches the indoor temperature and carries out the finished product. Released and finally finalized.

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