The importance of PTFE gaskets.

Update:15 Feb 2019

In fluid machines (such as pumps, compressors, mixing t […]

In fluid machines (such as pumps, compressors, mixing tanks, centrifuges, etc.), the most demanding parts are PTFE gaskets.
(1) accepting axial force like a thrust bearing;
(2) exporting the generated heat like a radiator;
(3) In the case of high temperature and high pressure and easy corrosion, static sealing is now very difficult, and it is even more difficult to complete the dynamic sealing on the sealing surface of a few millimeters in high-speed rotation. (1) Without the auxiliary system, it can only improve the sealing layout and improve the raw materials. (The cost is high and cannot solve the problem fundamentally.)
(2) In practice, there is almost no PTFE gasket that does not require any auxiliary equipment. For example, high-voltage PTFE gaskets and high-temperature PTFE gaskets must be equipped with corresponding auxiliary equipment.
(3) (Auxiliary system) Strict conditions become sealed and acceptable working conditions (the role of PTFE gaskets is greatly improved, the scope of application is more extensive, the demand for sealing materials is reduced, and the cost of PTFE gaskets is reduced.) The end face conflict heat is too high and has the following damages: (1) liquid film vaporization wear increases the seal failure; (2) the end face thermal deformation increases the leakage and wear; (3) aggravates the corrosion; (4) assists the seal ring aging and then fails; 5) Stone
The ink impregnate is carbonized or melted to cause leakage. Therefore, the temperature rise of the end face is the enemy of the PTFE gasket. ).