The Features of PTFE Membrane

Update:19 Dec 2017

PTFE membrane material is coated on the ultra-fine glas […]

PTFE membrane material is coated on the ultra-fine glass fiber fabric with PTFE resin. This film has better welding properties, excellent UV resistance, anti-aging properties and flame retardant properties. In addition, its anti-fouling self-cleaning is the best among all architectural membranes, but its flexibility is poor, its construction is more difficult and the cost is very alarming. Its processing method is to put the glass fiber fabric quickly and quickly into the Teflon melt, so that the fabric has a uniform Teflon coating on both sides, so that the permanent birth of the PTFE film. Since then, the permanent membrane structure officially became popular in the United States. Many scholars conducted in-depth studies on the membrane structure.

PTFE membrane has the advantages of high strength, good durability, fire retardant, self-cleaning, UV resistance and light weight (equivalent to about 1/30 of the weight of the previous steel ceiling). Prior to cutting in the factory after welding can be installed in the field, you can shorten the construction period.

PTFE membrane has high reflectance and low absorption rate of sunlight, which can restrain solar energy infiltration into the structure building with minimum heat capacity. At the same time, because of its translucent characteristics, it is better than using artificial lighting during the daytime to save energy costs.

PTFE membrane structure Buildings generally do not require internal support to be able to cover the vast area of the membrane, you can freely design and use of the diversity of space.

PTFE membrane light transmittance of about 13%, and the sun can be converted into a small shadow of the moist diffuse light, you can get the same object with the natural color.

PTFE with PVDF incomparable high self-cleaning, fluororesin non-stick, water resistance and other functions, the appearance of the accumulation of dust, atmospheric dirt, etc. washed in the rain washed, long time to keep clean and white.