The Difference Between Polyethylene Pipe and PEFT Pipe

Update:20 Mar 2017

1, heat resistance. Polyethylene pipe is 150 ℃ will be […]

1, heat resistance. Polyethylene pipe is 150 ℃ will be distorted, and Teflon and 280 ° c, transient temperatures up to 320 degrees.
2, the corrosion resistance. Polyethylene pipes no oxidation-resistant property of acid PTFE tube is also more corrosion resistance strong, its resistance to acid and alkali resistance to oxidant resistance reducing agent.
3, flame retardant. PTFE tube can also be lit, and spontaneous combustion; PTFE tube does not burn easily, it is difficult to point and the fire went out, because it is flammable only when the oxygen content greater than 95%.
4, you pay a price for a stock, PTFE tube is more expensive than the polyethylene tubes. PTFE is mainly anti-corrosion, heat-resistant materials. Because like heart bypass surgery need, some demanding food industry are also used for packaging. PTFE using premise industry chemical, and petrochemical, and refinery, and chlorine alkali, and business acid, and p, and pharmaceutical, and pesticide, and chemical fiber, and dye of, and coking, and gas, and organic synthesis, and colored smelting, and steel, and Atomic Energy and the polymer filter material, and high pure products produced (as ion film electrolytic), stick heavy material conveying and manipulation, health requirements height strictly of food, and beverage, processing produced part.