The Brief Introduction of PTFE Membrane

Update:25 Dec 2017

PTFE membrane material fabric substrate is glass fiber, […]

PTFE membrane material fabric substrate is glass fiber, fiber diameter range should be in the range of 3.30 ~ 4.05μm, the weight should be greater than 150g / m. The main material of the coating should be polytetrafluoroethylene resin, the content should be not less than 90%, the weight of the coating should be greater than 400g / m. Thickness of PTFE membrane material should be greater than 0.5mm. To prevent chemical corrosion and UV erosion, aging is not easy, in the rain with self-cleaning properties.

In Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries PTFE membrane material was rated A2 level non-combustible materials. PTFE membrane material in the fire environment temperature exceeds 250 ℃, it will release toxic gases detected by the Ministry of Public Security Institute of Fire, according to GB8624 "building materials combustion performance rating method" was classified as B1 level flame retardant materials.

PTFE membrane material is a new building material, composite material formed by coating PTFE resin on a woven base fabric of very fine glass fibers (3μm). She has a stable shape and can withstand Certain load building membrane material. Has been recognized as the "sixth building materials" following the brick, stone, concrete, steel and wood. She is flexible in texture, rich in shape, completely breaking the limitations of traditional building materials in terms of shape, span, etc. She is a soft sculpture full of charismatic creative space by outstanding designers. PTFE architectural membrane is one of the most commonly used mainstream membrane structural materials in the world's membrane structure construction.