The Brief Introduction of Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

Update:15 Mar 2018

Expanded PTFE (EPTFE) Joint sealant is a soft conformab […]

Expanded PTFE (EPTFE) Joint sealant is a soft conformable product that is clean and compatible with 99% of chemicals. EPTFE is much softer and more flexible than regular PTFE,Simply by peeling the paper off and applying the joint sealant to a flange a leak free gasket can be made. Overlapping the joint sealant at one point completes the seal. Commonly used in Food, Chemical, Power Generation, Refining, Oil & Gas production, Waste Water, Pulp and Paper etc.

Temperture Rating : -400 F to +500 F continuous (600 F excursions )
Pressure: Up to 3000 PSI PH Range: 0-14

Soft and conformable: Great for Glass lined pipe or low torque applications.

Reduces Gasket Inventories, Fast and Easy installation, No wasted scrap.

PTFE is a thermoplastic member of the fluoropolymer family of plastics. PTFE has a low coefficient of friction, excellent insulating properties, and is chemically inert to most substances.