The Application of Expanded PTFE

Update:28 Jun 2017

Due to its wide application, expanded PTFE is called "t […]

Due to its wide application, expanded PTFE is called "the king of plastics". It is a synthetic polymer material. The skeleton of expanded PTFE is a carbon atom. The fluorine atoms are evenly distributed around the carbon atoms to form a tight protective screen. Therefore, expanded PTFE has very excellent physical and mechanical properties. It can not only resist strong acid, alkali and strong oxidants, but also can withstand high temperatures. To some extent, its property exceeds the property of glass, ceramics, stainless steel and gold. The operating temperature range from -100 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. Its working pressure is 10MPa. In addition, PTFE is not easy to burn or not easy to burn. Absorbance is almost equal to zero. Under normal circumstances, expanded PTFE is not harmful to human health, but in the production process, some of the raw materials are considered carcinogenic. With the invention of PTFE, for the industry has important significance, because it solves the chemical industry, the oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry, many problems. Has been widely used as the main sealing material and filling material.

As a sealing material, expanded PTFE is applied in a different manner. Good corrosion resistance, stable physical properties and temperature resistance contribute to its excellent sealing. Therefore, it is suitable for petroleum, chemical, electric power, steel and other industries. Suitable for a wide range of media, including water, oil, acid liquids and other chemical liquids. Expanded PTFE gaskets are one of the typical applications of PTFE materials. As the name suggests, the so-called PTFE gasket is made by cutting PTFE rods, tubes or plates made of a gasket. The main material is PTFE, so the gasket naturally accepts all the properties of PTFE. It includes flat washers, V-shaped gaskets, piston rings and ball valve pads. PTFE gasket is characterized by corrosion resistance, aging resistance and non-conductive characteristics.

Next, expanded PTFE is also a filter material. As a new material, PTFE can be compounded with other fabrics. Then they can produce filter bags or waterproof sportswear. At the same time, the compound can be used to filter different solvents or gases in the pharmaceutical industry.

Third, expanded PTFE is also the ideal bearing material. Bearings made of PTFE can be used in the paper or textile industry. In addition, the bearing is suitable for high temperature or high pressure conditions.