The Advantages of PTFE Membrane Compared with ETFE Membrane

Update:22 Jan 2018

Product Classification Film can be graded according to […]

Product Classification Film can be graded according to its strength, weight and thickness, divided into A, B, C, D, E. The design should be based on the structure of the carrying capacity requirements of different levels of membrane. Product Description PTFE membrane material fabric substrate is glass fiber, fiber diameter range should be in the range of 3.30 ~ 4.05μm, the weight should be greater than 150g / m. The main material of the coating should be PTFE resin, the content should be not less than 90%, the weight of the coating should be greater than 400g / m. Thickness of PTFE membrane material should be greater than 0.5mm. To prevent chemical corrosion and UV erosion, aging is not easy, in the rain with self-cleaning properties. In Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries PTFE membrane material was rated A2 level non-combustible materials. PTFE membrane material in the fire environment temperature exceeds 250 ℃, it will release toxic gases detected by the Ministry of Public Security Institute of Fire, according to GB8624 "building materials combustion performance rating method" was classified as B1 level flame retardant materials.

ETFE film is a single fabric without polyester film, only made of gas into the pressure gas can be formed after the structure of the bearing member. PVC membrane materials and PTFE membrane materials are multi-functional composite materials, their base is composed of fiber fabric, it has high resistance to creep, can be used as a structural material.

The most prominent feature of PTFE membrane is high strength, medium strength PTFE membrane thickness of only 0.8mm, but its tensile strength has reached the level of steel. And the lower modulus of elasticity is conducive to the formation of complex curved surface membrane modeling; wide temperature range, can be -70 ℃ ~ 230 ℃ temperature range. Has a unique optical properties, the incident light into the natural warm light during the day, to prevent glare, no shadow, light evenly distributed. Little ultraviolet light is transmitted, preventing fading of interior materials and equipment. Nighttime high reflectivity gives the room an excellent lighting effect, reducing electricity consumption and bringing out the glory of buildings in the night sky. Good self-cleaning, rain can wash away the surface of the attachment. With high light transmittance, light transmittance of 13%, 73% of the thermal reflectivity, heat absorption is very small. Life of more than 25 years.