Teflon PTFE plastic raw material processing and forming processing method - fluoroplastic rolling forming.

Update:16 Aug 2018

The PTFE diaphragm is roll-formed, and the roll forming […]

The PTFE diaphragm is roll-formed, and the roll forming can be divided into two-way rolling and multi-directional rolling. After rolling, the PTFE diaphragm is changed from the original opaque color to the translucent crystal color.
One-way rolling is the reheating of the transparent diaphragm, which is rapidly processed by two identically rotating rollers of the calender. The rolling ratio is controlled in the range of 1.5-2.5, and the roller speed is generally 20 rpm.
Multi-directional rolling is a molding process in which a film subjected to sintering quenching is placed on a calender to carry out rolling in multiple directions and gradually reduce the film thickness. Wherein the rolling ratio is in the range of 2-2.5. The temperature of the drum should be controlled at 150-200 ° C, and the steam pressure should be 0.5-0.9 MPa. The calendering ratio is an important effect. Too large and too small is not good for the product. Sometimes it is necessary to repeatedly roll many times to press a product.