Super tough nylon.

Update:23 May 2018

High-toughness nylon, also known as high-impact nylon, […]

High-toughness nylon, also known as high-impact nylon, nylon 66 or nylon 6 as the matrix, nylon with high impact strength prepared by blending with grafted tough polymers, although strength, rigidity, heat resistance than the parent Nylon has decreased, but the impact strength has been greatly increased, can be increased by more than 10 times, and has excellent wear resistance and dimensional stability.
High-impact nylon keeps the inherent characteristics of the nylon resin, and the impact strength is significantly increased, resulting in an ever-widening range of applications. Can be used to make bicycle wheels, auto parts, farm machinery enclosures, etc. Especially in the traditional engineering plastics, due to its low impact strength, or parts that must have notches and sharp corners, the application of high impact nylon has its advantages. Such as shock-absorbing, wear-resisting and impact-resistant components, the use of ultra-tough nylon for the engine shaft cover reduces quality, reduces costs, and reduces noise. In addition, it is also used in car bumpers, engine parts and so on. In terms of sports equipment, a large amount of use of super-tough nylon to replace metal parts, such as skis, ice skates care, skateboards and other floor.
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