Several Advantages of PTFE Sheet from Liantuoptfe

Update:05 Jun 2017

Pure or original PTFE can be deformed under load, but t […]

Pure or original PTFE can be deformed under load, but the use of fillers can help this, although it should be noted that not all filled PTFE is suitable for use with food.

Adding filler to PTFE sheet increases its strength, improves abrasion resistance, increases conductivity, etc. However, the addition of the filler can also reduce some of the favorable properties of PTFE, for example, by the chemical resistance of the filler.

The filler used can be a percentage of glass, stainless steel, molybdenum disulfide, carbon or graphite, depending on the performance to be improved.

The biggest advantage of PTFE is its versatility, and for many of the products of this product and the scope of application of different industries surprising.

The use of PTFE sheet can have a great advantage in manufacturing and engineering, not just piping or lining for the handling or storage of corrosive chemicals, but by adding parts such as bearings or screws to increase the parts themselves and mechanical Life part.

PTFE-coated screws will be resistant to corrosion because PTFE has the ability to repel water and oil and is lubricated by the material to smoothly drive any surface that is fastened to you while reducing friction, thereby reducing the screw and surface and more durable , Safer the surface.

Friction and wear can also be a bearing factor, and the PTFE coating can impart the same advantages as a coating screw, and the additional advantage is that the coating will also be heat resistant.

Obviously, more durable, higher performance parts can increase the efficiency of any machinery, reduce the need to constantly replace the parts, both to save money, but also save time to replace and reduce waste. This will also reduce maintenance requirements because the equipment is unlikely to be malfunctioning and also significantly reduces or even eliminates any costly downtime due to failure or repairs.

Cleaning of equipment can also be reduced in some cases as a PTFE coat is non-wetting, facilitating self-cleaning of parts.

And Teflon textile finishes can even help the environment, because, when applied to fabric, the finish will repel water and oil stains, reducing the need to use dry cleaning, and fabrics will also dry more quickly, using less energy with tumble drying, and last longer due to reduced wear.

With the added advantages that PTFE Sheet is non-toxic, has only a minor contraindication for humans from polymer fume fever (only if the temperature of any Teflon-coated pans reaches 260 degrees C) and is FDA approved and food-safe, this material really is of great benefit in many different areas.