PTFE Tubing is Widely Used in Various Industries

Update:30 Jun 2017

PTFE tubing is a widely used in the industry, it involv […]

PTFE tubing is a widely used in the industry, it involves the production of gas and chemical elements, once there is a mistake, it will cause a lot of life and money loss. The main reason for the use of PTFE tubing is its dielectric properties, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and lubricity. However, depending on the nature of the different activities of different industries, there are different types of PTFE tubes used. PTFE tubes are the most commonly used in different industries for segmentation, heat shrinkage, filling, swing and multi-lumen tubing systems.

Let's talk about the complicated PTFE piping system, which is used primarily for gas, chemical or electronic components that have to go through a strong curve with a small diameter curve. In general, this type of tube is used in industry to transfer fluid from one point to another, so it must be strictly monitored. Due to its non-stick nature and high temperature resistance, this tubing system allows the fluid to flow smoothly and is easy to clean and clog. The complex PTFE tube is a poor conductor of electricity that is resistant to destructive liquids and acids which can cause accidents if leaked.

Now, there is a problem with this type of tubing system for high selectivity in the industry, as described above, depending on the type of industry used. Therefore, when we talk about the complex PTFE pipeline system, we must understand the pipeline installation of these industries:

Automotive and aircraft industries: the use of these pipes in the automotive and aerospace crafts in the transport of liquid and fuel. The main reason for installing these pipes in these vehicles is their heat resistance, which protects the heat generated by the tube during liquid transport without breaking.

Electronics industry: due to the high voltage transmission between the cables, the wires may be cut, which may cause short circuits or serious electrical accidents. In order to protect any such uncertainty, this type of tubing is installed on the wire.

Chemical industry: this type of pipe supports the safe transmission of liquid.