PTFE plastic raw material.

Update:18 Oct 2018

PTFE plastic raw material has the smallest surface tens […]

PTFE plastic raw material has the smallest surface tension in solid materials, does not adhere to any substance, and has excellent properties of high and low temperature resistance, so that it is widely used in the anti-sticking such as manufacturing non-stick pan. The anti-sticking process mainly includes two types: mounting a PTFE member or a sheet on a substrate, and thermally shrinking the PTFE coating or the glass-bonded varnish onto the substrate. Medical and medical applications Expanded PTFE plastic raw materials are purely inert, have very strong biocompatibility, do not cause body rejection, have no physiological side effects on the human body, can be disinfected by any method, and have a microporous structure, which can be used for many Rehabilitation solutions, including artificial blood vessels and patches for soft tissue regeneration and for blood vessels, heart, general surgery and orthopedics.