Multi-directionally Expanded PTFE Sheet Jointing

Update:14 Jun 2017

Expanded PTFE mesh for high temperature applications an […]

Expanded PTFE mesh for high temperature applications and harsh environments. It also has chemical resistance, self-lubricating and inherent UV stability. Other features include: non-toxic, low friction, high resistance to adhesion, high dielectric properties, in line with FDA regulations for food contact, suitable for -100 ° C to 260 ° C for continuous use.

The expanded plastic web is manufactured by cutting a plastic sheet in a controlled pattern and then stretching or enlarging the width to produce the specified nominal aperture size. Tolerances vary with aperture, weight, thickness and width.

The PTFE net is sold by the feet. We cut according to your custom requirements! Please consult your industrial net worth to determine if these products are suitable for your intended use.

PTFE products are stabilized to control the open area percentage. As the thickness of the product increases, the possibility of shrinkage in the application of temperature rise is also true.

Universal linings for a wide range of applications. Suitable for all types of flanges, almost all media, wide temperature range, and even for applications requiring the highest purity. It itself is clean and non-toxic.

Multipurpose Expanded PTFE compression gaskets have excellent mechanical strength and are capable of operating less creep at higher temperatures than other types of PTFE sheets.

Due to the excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance of expanded PTFE, it can be used in a variety of static applications in almost all industrial fields. The excellent ductility of the expanded PTFE can compensate for non-parallel and / or damaged sealing surfaces. This allows the use of limited flange loads in stress sensitive connections and applications, such as plastic flanges, glass flanges, and the like.