Update:27 Mar 2017

CLEAN WATERChina 2017 is in the WATERCHEM China on the […]

CLEAN WATERChina 2017 is in the WATERCHEM China on the basis of the ongoing consolidation, in addition to the combination of industrial water treatment solutions, innovative technology, authoritative testing organizations and technology, but also a new industry platform for industrial water treatment equipment and other downstream related industries.

WATERCHEM China was founded in 2005, after more than ten years of continuous improvement and innovation, has become widely recognized at home and abroad. As many domestic water treatment chemicals mainly to the exhibition only, professional exhibition of water treatment engineering equipment auxiliary, through the products and technology of gathering the global top well-known enterprises, followed by industry renowned experts to understand the latest industry development and industry development strategy, WATERCHEM has become the preferred platform for water treatment chemicals business trade exchange.