Applications of Expanded PTFE

Update:17 Aug 2017

Expanded tetrafluoroethylene (Expanded PTFE)with flange […]

Expanded tetrafluoroethylene (Expanded PTFE)with flanges with sticky stripes.

This is a sealant made by 100% pure expansion PTFE. It is usually made as a magnetic tape and is not widely used in ropes, plates, etc. The expanded PTFE contains all of PTFE's special operational parameters, plus additional features gained during the expansion. In order to facilitate the use of the protective layer made of special paper, the protective layer on the special paper provides a single-sided adhesive tape and dismantlement before installation. Because of its excellent flexibility and ductility, the sealing is very easy to follow the shape of the sealing surface, while the adhesive tape can make the device fast. In addition to the flange seal, if the working parameters fall within the PTFE range, it can be successfully applied to all other static sealing situations.

PTFE diaphragm is very suitable for the laboratory scale filtration of corrosive organic solvents, concentrated acids, alkali and cryogenic fluids, which will erode other filtration membranes. They are also very suitable for air sampling and particle analysis.

PTFE membrane provides a range of thickness and aperture that the filter device manufacturer could not obtain before. Since they do not require laminated support, they can improve temperature and chemical resistance. PTFE film can be used to customize the width roller to fit the automatic assembly equipment of disposable disc filter. The standard plate thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 3.5mm, so the PTFE disk is also suitable for column support in chromatographic separation.