Application and Features of PTFE Membrane

Update:02 Jan 2018

PTFE membrane is a suspension of PTFE resin by molding, […]

PTFE membrane is a suspension of PTFE resin by molding, sintering, cooling into rough, and then after turning, rolling made. Carved into a non-directional film for the film, non-directional film after the film into a directional film. Non-oriented film 1.1-1.8 times after rolling for the semi-oriented film. PTFE membrane for capacitor media, for wire insulation, electrical instrumentation insulation, sealing pad. Teflon film is divided into PTFE color film, Teflon activation film and F46 (FEP) film.

PTFE membrane because of its excellent purity and a uniform thickness makes it ideal for applications of electronic materials art microwave circuit board or the like, in the case of substantial temperature and frequency variations, changes its dielectric constant than other solid materials But also smaller; its excellent arc resistance is the best choice for many electrical wire and cable insulation materials, its volume resistivity will not change even if soaked in water for a long time, the stability is better than other insulating materials; Its excellent release properties and thermal stability not only allow it to be used continuously above 260 °C but also withstand higher temperatures in a short period of time with sufficient width to mean the smallest gap in a large part Molded, so as to become the aerospace, aerospace composite parts of the best high temperature surface release material

PTFE color membrane is a suspension of PTFE resin by adding a certain amount of colorant molded, sintered into a blank and then turning, rolling made of red, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, black, etc. Thirteen colors of PTFE oriented or non-directional color film. Although the PTFE membrane adds a certain amount of colorant, it still has good electrical insulation, which is suitable for the insulation and classification identification of wires, cables and electric devices. PTFE activated film is a PTFE film, filled with film and color film, and then by the surface activation of the film. Products by adding pigments, glass fiber, carbon fiber and other fillers. After activation treatment to further improve the performance, with rubber, metal, etc., can also be made into special tape. PTFE activated film is widely used in light industry, military, aerospace, oil fields and other fields.

F46 film anti-voltage strength, breakdown voltage ability, can be used for capacitor media, wire insulation, electrical instrumentation and sealing gasket. PTFE turning film rolling machine rolled by the hot roller orientation made of its high crystallinity, molecular orientation compact, low porosity, so the anti-voltage high strength.