Advantage of PTFE - Extensive Application

Update:12 Jul 2017

PTFE is one of the most important engineering plastics […]

PTFE is one of the most important engineering plastics invented nearly seventy years ago, and it remains the key to providing better performance in key areas compared to most other engineering plastics. For PTFE sheet, there are special properties that are highly compatible with a wide range of industrial applications.

Extensive application:

The eye-catching performance of these sheets makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. PTFE sheets are often used in industries involving food preparation because it does not contaminate food or cause any harm to food during contact.

Because it is compatible with high temperature, so it is a very suitable for low temperature materials. This engineering plastics are widely used in the construction industry and are increasingly recognized by modern architects because of their considerable ability to resist weathering and environmental change.

Widely used in low friction coefficient PTFE sheet material, widely used in a variety of engineering procedures related to the slide and wear. By improving the service life of high-performance components, providing a super sliding and wear-resistant frame helps reduce costs.

Due to its acid and heat resistance, PTFE sheet also provides a durable valve seal. Due to their important nature, these sheets can be used in areas where other materials are insufficient or compatible.

High temperature: PTFE is one of the most popular applications require a wide range of temperature departments. This is because this material can withstand wide temperature changes. It works well at temperatures up to 250 ° C and is able to withstand very low temperatures while maintaining the same level of performance. In fact, since this engineering plastic can withstand temperatures as low as -260 ° C and has no effect on performance, it is often found that there is sufficient use in the lining of the liner for internal applications. A small amount of material can effectively resist such extreme temperatures.