A variety of methods for anti-static plastics.

Update:14 Sep 2018

In the industry, there are many ways to prevent static […]

In the industry, there are many ways to prevent static electricity in plastics. The main ones are:
1. Reduce or reduce friction to reduce static electricity generation. The accumulation of electric charge reduces the friction speed and reduces the friction coefficient. Although this purpose is achieved, it is bound to lead to a decline in production, which is unrealistic. In addition, a medium (oil) having a large dielectric constant e is added to the contact surface gap of the friction material. It can also reduce the accumulation of charge, but this method can only be used in certain occasions, and has no universal significance.
2. By graft copolymerization, the main body in the plastic - the polymer with more polar groups or ionized groups, reduce the electrical resistance, increase the conductivity, reduce the generation of static electricity and the accumulation of electric charge. Trouble, and will change the structure of the polymer, will inevitably damage other properties, rarely used.
3. The use of conductive devices in the plastic molding process to eliminate static electricity as much as possible is difficult to achieve in practice.
4. Improve the relative humidity of the plastic processing and product use environment to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. It is only suitable for hydrophilic materials and has little effect on hydrophobic materials.
5. Adding conductive fillers such as metal powder to plastics can also prevent the accumulation of static electricity, which may cause difficulties in molding processing, and may also affect other properties of the product. Therefore, it is rarely used in practice.
6. Oxidize the surface of the article with a strong oxidizing agent, or treat the surface of the article with a corona discharge to create polarity, increase conductivity, and reduce charge buildup. This will inevitably increase equipment and processes, it is not economical, and the effect is not satisfactory, and it is rarely used in reality.
7. The method of using antistatic agent is simple and easy, and the effect is good, which is often used.